LG electronics is a part of the forth largest chaebol in south korea and in 2014 global sales reached $ 55.91 billion , LG comprise four business units: home entertainment, mobile communications , home appliances and air solutions. LG electronics manufactures smart phones and tablet devices. LG mobile phones have different features . These features are better than other companies . These features are according to the people demand .These features makes the life easier .LG phones are great , with a feature that can make texting so much easier once you understand what it is doing. It has the ‘clr’ button that remove the misspell words . You can get an attachable flip cover with a second display inside . LG smart phones have dual screen . People can use the dual screen for multitude task. You can also use the flip case display as control pad while gaming or a key board while writing a message .With LG new smart phones like V50 thin Q5G , you will be ready to connect to the first ultra fast 5G networks , for blisteringly quick download speeds and low latency multiplayer gaming .Sometimes you can’t just reach out and touch the screen of your smart phone. You might be driving or cooking in the kitchen and have food on your hands . This is where LG’s new air motion technology can help by letting you intract with your smart phone with a simple hand gesture. Motions can be configured to performed common task, like opening your favorite social media application to check on your feeds, or controlling music playback. Now with LG air motion technology , your favorite playlist can be started with a wave of your hand. The real 3D depth camera in the new LG smart phone is a new feature. It is a perfect for shooting high- quality video with special effects like slow motion footage set to cinematic sound track. There’s also a mode for content creators to produce unique, stylized footage for their youtube channels. Using a advanced time of flight sensor , it helping you take better selfies and using your face for biometric authentication . For photography this means improved portrait mode selfies with accurate background blur also known as the bokeh effect produced by SLR cameras. An other feature is password . Most important hand ID . You can unlock your phone by the wave of your hand . Briefly showing the phone your open plam allows it to scan the pattern of your veins which are unique to each and every person. With this technology you can now unlock your LGsmart phone without a pin or password and while your face is obscured , such as wearing a scarf or sunglasses. Just lift your and the same 3d scanning system used to identify your face can recognise you by the patterns of veins under your skin. With these features smart phones are available in every area with the best price and latest model.

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